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If you want a more formal party, then consider a classic look that is always in style. A room decorated in Black and White is both sharp and dramatic! If you want to take it to the next level then have your guests dress in black and white for a bigger visual impact! Your guests will not only match your party, but they’ll feel part of your special day!

Con su corte: Models Top: Aysha and AJ; Dress available at Emelina's; Tux available at Sacino's Formalwear

Quinceañera: Model Right: Kayla; Dress available at Emelina's


Butterflies are symbolic of transformation and new phases in a person’s life. As They transform from a caterpillar into a breathtaking butterfly, so do Quinceañeras everywhere! Young Hispanic girls journey into womanhood.What a great way to demonstrate this journey with a Butterfly theme! This theme makes for delicate décor and tons of tears from Mom. You know…“my little girl is now a woman.” Moms and Abuelas will love this theme! As gifts to your invitados, consider keeping with the theme and give everyone their very own live butterfly to release. How totally Eco-Chic of you!


Create a sweet theme that sparks tons of fun and creativity. Explore a Candythemed experience with playful props and lively colors. Customize your event with an interactive candy station that will not only be visually interesting, but also delicious! Have take-home candy bags with your monogram or even create chocolate bar labels with your sweet picture on them! ¡Dulce!

Candy Cuties: Model: Anaceli and Tatiana; Dress available at Tweet’s Bridal & Tux


Peacock feathers are a great color scheme and are so much fun to decorate with.Put them in your hair, in your court’s corsages, add them to a centerpiece, and put them on your cake. Blend shades of blues and green and step outside of the box! Adding accents of peacock feathers to your wardrobe and your room are sure to set you apart! Warning: This avantgarde feel is not for the plain Jane!


Pretty As A Picture

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Why should I hire a Professional Photographer or Videographer?

Most families start planning a Quinceañera the minute they know “it’s a girl”. Parents have savings accounts dedicated to the one special day! Planning becomes a family affair and deciding what is important for a young lady’s Quince can get overwhelming. Often times, families decide not to get a Photographer or Videographer. They figure they’ll tell a friend to take some pictures and maybe a Tío or Tía can videotape your big day!Big Mistake.

Before you start cutting items to stay within the budget, realize that documenting this important milestone is so important. You’ve spent years and years planning and it will all be over in a few hours – hours that seem like minutes and will fl y by in an instant. Preserving your memories and capturing family traditions that you can share for generations to come is truly amazing!

What you may want to consider is what size package you will purchase or how many hours you will book a Photographer or Videographer for their services. Inquire about payment plans if you start early and look at what packages are available to fit your budget! Passing up the opportunity to hire these services will leave you full of regret, so start your hunt early and plan to hire someone professional that will document one of THE most important days of your life!


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